Nottingham court protesters fight for juror’s rights

Protestors risked arrest as they took to Nottingham Crown Court in support of the ‘Defend Our Juries’ protest, after a former social care worker was arrested for holding up a sign outside the Old Bailey earlier this year.

On Monday 4th December protesters sat outside Nottingham Crown Court for the ‘Defend our Juries’ movement. It is an organisation which aims to raise awareness of the right of jurors to acquit defendants according to their conscience.

Following the arrest of protestor Trudi Warner, aged 68, for ‘contempt of court’ outside the Old Bailey – local people risked arrest by holding up matching signs outside Nottingham Crown Court saying:

“The Right of Juries to give their verdict according to their convictions”

It references a law carved into a stone plaque displayed at the Old Bailey, the Central Criminal Court for England and Wales. The plaque commemorates a trial held in 1670 where jurors acquitted the defendants despite the judge directing a guilty verdict.

In Nottingham, amidst the cold rainy weather, just over a dozen people came to protest, alongside another 300 protesters nationwide. A support member told FMB Radio that police had advance warning of the protest and those taking part made sure to not interfere with the public or any court proceedings.

One of the protestors outside Nottingham Crown Court 04/12/23.

The protests come after phrases such as ‘climate change’ and ‘fuel poverty’ being used in court have sent people to prison. With supporters of the cause claiming that defendants should have the right to tell the jury all motivations behind their actions.

They stated they were willing to be arrested, although none were. Ongoing traffic showed support by honking their horns.

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